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Find a Team to Play in

Keen to play touch but don't have a team to play in? Register your details and we will do our best to find a team for you!

We try to match everyone into a team with players who have similar experience to you and players of a similar age, or in the case of new players, we try to match you with more experienced players so they can help you learn the game as you play.  Depending on how many individual player registrations we receive, we will either place you in an established team who are looking for more players to complete their team, or we will create a new team comprising of the individual players who have registered. 

Returning teams sometimes wait until the last minute to register, so we may not have any news about finding a team for you until closer to when the season starts (Tuesday 10th October 2023), but rest assured, you have not been forgotten and we are still working to find (or create) a team for you to play in.

If/when we find a team for you, we will put you in touch with that team’s organiser who will give you more information about your uniform and game times.  You will also need to register online into the team and pay the fees.  For further information about fees, click here

If your circumstances change in the meantime and you no longer want us to find a team for you, please let us know, so we can remove you from the list.  We will be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know how we’re travelling, and fingers crossed we’ll be able to find a team for you!  

If you have any questions please contact us or 0431 081 053.

Which division would you pefer to play in?

We will be in touch!

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