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Summer Social Competition

Our summer season has now finished!  Registrations for Summer 2023-2024 will open in September 2024 so check back here then!


Our summer season social competition runs from October through to February each year. We play on Tuesday nights, with game times being at either 6.15pm, 7.05pm or 7.55pm.  The competition is open to Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams.  Teams in our social competition range in ages, from adults to parents and their children, through to teams of high school age players.


Team registrations open in September so round up your family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours and register a team.  Or if you are keen to play but don’t have a team to play in, you can register as an individual looking for a team to play in and we will do our best to find a team for you. 


Once you have registered your team, you will be sent a link which each of your players will use to register as players in your team. Teams must register a minimum of 10 players.  For teams in the Mixed division, a maximum of three male players may be on the field at any time, so ensure you have a sufficient mix of male and female players in your team. Teams must wear matching uniforms or bibs from week 3 of the season onwards.


We also use the delegate referee system, whereby each team must supply a delegate referee to fulfil referee duties throughout the season. If your team does not wish to undertake delegate referee duties, you can opt to pay a fee and we will cover your team’s delegate referee duties.  Individual playing fees are payable at the time of registration via MySideline.


Players who participate in our summer season competition are eligible to represent Tompkins Park Touch Association at the annual Touch Football WA State Touch Football Championships tournament, which is held over a weekend in February each year.


Although we love the game of touch football, many of our players and volunteers at Tompkins Park Touch Association are involved in other sports over winter, so we take a break during the cold, wet and windy winter months (and what better time to take a break!) and return for our summer season starting in October of each year! 

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